Ponies for Sale

Tulipkings Dartmoor Pony Preserve Sales List:

*Tulipkings Maureen 2016 bay filly with a a rare tail female line.


*Tulipkings Pascal 2019 gray stallion promising colt with an unique color.


For more info and prices contact Jack de Vroomen at 1-864-980-7871 or email jnpdev@aol.com

VIP Ranch Sales List:

*VIP Jack B Nimble – 2020 bright bay colt with no white markings & beautiful big eyes. Sire is a rare chestnut so heterozygous black (red carrier and can produce a future chestnut if used as a stallion) & homozygous agouti. 8 generation coefficient of inbreeding: 3.87%. Carries the rare lines of Mary Tavy II, Chinkwell, & Treacle.


SOLD*VIP Texas Sage – 2020 brown filly with no white markings. This filly is beautiful with great bone & presence. It will be very hard to part with her but I just cannot keep all I produce. Being a filly of a critically endangered breed, she must go to a home who will breed her. 8 generation coefficient of inbreeding: 2.3%. Carries the rare lines of Mary Tavy II & Chinkwell.


*VIP Prince of Hearts – Late 2016 Brown Stallion with no white markings. Product of AI via imported 10+ year old frozen semen. Son of Teignhead King of Clubs who was a former DPS Stallion of the Year. Prince is 12.2 hands and is a licensed stud with one filly on the ground. I LOVE this guy but currently own enough stallions and limited on who I can breed him with at our ranch. He has lived with two other stallions and gets along great with them. Even though he is the largest, he has no interest in being the top stud in the herd. Breeding home is a must for this guy or he will remain with me.


For more information on the above, contact Joyce at VIPRanchTX@aol.com

3 thoughts on “Ponies for Sale

    1. Sorry but older Dartmoor ponies are hard to find or can be quite pricey; however, getting a younger gelding and working with a trainer can create a beautiful relationship for both child and pony. Dartmoors are bright and quick learners.

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