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Dartmoor Pony Society of America, Inc.


We feel strongly that in order to help this critically endangered breed, we need mare owners to also be breeders as well as full time family riding and driving ponies. If you prefer not to raise an occasional lovely foal, geldings make great family ponies with no pressure to breed.

Wilby Viceroy


Ponies often start off as the child’s first mount and then go on to be the family driving pony. Driving ponies make great CDE (combined driving event) ponies for adults as well as show and pleasure driving.

A child’s first mounts

Due to their wonderful personality and smooth movement, the Dartmoor is considered one of the best breeds to be a child’s first mount. Children excel in all ridden disciplines while showing their Dartmoors.

“Watching a seasoned pony carry its young rider, one senses the pony is doing the teaching. With an uncanny sense of the rider’s limitations and often genuine kindness, ponies seem to possess an intelligence you don’t always see in horses.”

Nina duran

“A child who is happy on his pony’s back has something which will be to him a glorious memory that the years cannot dim.”

Muriel Wace

Where can we be found?

We have Dartmoor Pony owners throughout the country who would love to show off their stock. Contact for more info.

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